sustainable culture of operational excellence

make a real difference in Africa

Africa Capacity Enhancement (ACE) is a Non-Profit Organization which gives aid in the form of training and coaching to qualifying businesses in Africa through collaborative engagement and sustainable outcome.

Africa Capacity Enhancement (ACE) comprises a diverse and talented team , researchers and subject matter experts equipped with data and insights to deliver sustainable culture of operational excellence to African mines and manufacturing companies. The ACE team is working without any financial reward for hours and hours to ensure we will be ready for the challenge that awaits us.

ACE will supply funding in the form of world class companies with provable track records to train and coach through a collaborative process, that empowers young engineers, management teams and workforce to excel and learn the best asset management practices to make excellence a way of life in their personal lives and organizations . Our main goal is to ensure the best management training that will align African business with world class practices.
ACE is a new NPO, but watch this space. Additional to Asset Management engagements, we plan to entertain requests for much needed training that could include training in safety, physical maintenance related training, asset health care, supply chain, auditing, production- and capital management.
Your contribution to our funding request will aid ACE immensely in achieving our goals and making it possible to assist more requests for training to make African funding a great return on your investment.
Please contact one of our Fundraiser Managers if you would like to be an anchor investor in the growth of ACE. Register your company on our website for continuous feedback on the exciting journey!

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