About Africa Capacity Enhancement

ACE is passionate about creating sustainable operational excellence through asset management training and coaching to make people experience best practices as a way of life. We believe that you are as much an entrepreneur if you start a charity than if you build a business. One of the things we look forward to is to start a journey of success stories for Africa and watching as our months of work yields positive results.

Entities applying for ACE assistance will ideally be new or existing organizations in Africa, experiencing typical gaps like not meeting production targets, uncontrolled inventory, unsatisfied customers, trust issues among personnel, personnel qualified but not ready to take up job requirements, lots of overtime, problems with spares, unclear values, unaligned vision, safety incidents, too many meetings – just to name a few!

Successful applicants for funding in the form of training will benefit from a collaborate system where identified personnel from their organization will form part of a team led by highly qualified business experts, to be coached and trained as champions which could roll out the results of the engagement to the rest of their organization.

The engagement will enable participants with the necessary skills and training to ensure a sustainable Performance Culture after implementation by measuring:

  • Performance – by setting realistic targets for production, safety, expenses, return on investment, inventory, customer satisfaction and pricing.
  • Value people by unlocking their potential and capability with training, coaching and developing skills.
  • Purpose – focus on values, targets, change management, assures safety & integrity.
  • Predictability – decides by data, eliminates variability and meets targets.

We live in an imperfect world, there is no doubt about it, but we all have the power within us to make that world just a little bit better.
That might be fighting for social justice, working for the environment, improving community relations, or something else. Whatever it looks like, a passion for the overall improvement of the world we live in is very worthwhile.

A word from the Founder

A couple of friends and I discussed the problems facing manufacturing companies and small mines in Africa with regards to competing in the global marketplace. We came to the conclusion that the problems are mostly the same for both small and big companies, they experience typical problems as high production costs, competence and capability, problems with company’s work culture, business controls not in place, high overtime, KPI’s, re-work, stock control and many more

For big mines and manufacturing/production organisations these problems are mostly solvable as they have budgets to use subject matter experts (SME’s) in the different fields to interact with the company and give the necessary training and coaching to address the problems.

Upcoming organisations on the other hand , frequently have budget and cashflow shortages with none or little back-up. They also have qualified artisans, technicians, engineers and other professionals but in many instances, they need training and coaching to lead them on the path to operational excellence.

I have been involved with Strategic Asset Management Inc. (SAMI) for many years. First as a client, when SAMI engaged SASOL to implement an asset management process and later as a consultant supporting SAMI Africa operations. In both scenarios, it was always impressive to experience the  SAMI approach to performance improvement and the results they enable for their clients with their team of subject matter experts (SME’s). – sustainable results not only for individuals, but also for the organisation and this of course – has a positive influence on a whole community. There are many SMEs in different fields of expertise available and ACE plans to identify and deploy SMEs in smaller organisations where more individuals from the qualifying companies could be trained .

Africa Capacity Enhancement will share the results on this website continuously, be part of our journey and support us please!

Anton Bouwer

Theo Badenhorst

Chief Executive Officer

  • B. Administration 1982 (University of Stellenbosch)
  • Development Programme in Labour Relations 1993 (University of South Africa)
  • Advanced Labour Law 1996 (Rand Afrikaans University)
  • Senior Management 2003( University of Stellenbosch Studyschool)
The Team
Richard van der Westhuizen

Well known SA actor and singer.

Dawie Fourie
Fundraising Manager

Retired Director of Music

Elaine Lockhart
Fund Raising Manager

36 years experience (mainly as Project Manager)

Board Members
Anton Bouwer
Chairman of the Board

With 35 years’ experience in Asset Management and Technical Auditing, Anton specialises in maintenance, manufacturing and asset management enhancement for operational excellence.
Qualifications: B. Technologiae in Operations Management and Honours degree – Programme in Asset and Maintenance Management.

Theo Badenhorst
Chief Executive Officer

Theo has 35 years’ experience in Human Resources (Training and Capacity Building, Change Management, Recruitment, Labour Relations, Compliance and Administration).
Qualifications: B. Administration degree and three additional University qualifications in Labour Relations and Management.

Dr. Corrie Loots
Member of the Board

As a Subject Matter Expert in risk management with 44 years’ international experience, he has a proven track record with multinational and multicultural organisations and extensive background in Occupational Health & Safety, Environment, Quality ,Business Continuity, Enterprise Risk Management and Project Management.
Qualifications: Doctor of Science Degree (USA)
Master of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (Australia)
B. Tech (South Africa)

Dr. Jannie Snyman
Member of the Board

As an ENT specialist, he has worked predominantly in private practice and previously spent two years at hospitals in Liverpool and Sittard. Dr Snyman has also served for many years as Chairperson of Medical Advisory Committee(Cape Town and Mossel Bay) and as Chairman of Doctor’s Trust at a hospital in Cape Town.
Qualifications : M.B.Ch.B; DA(SA) ; M.Med.