sustainable culture of operational excellence

Africa Capacity Enhancement

Africa Capacity Enhancement (ACE ) is a Non Profit Organisation (NPO). We strive to accelerate sustainable growth in Africa by contributing to the Operational Excellence of Companies and empowering of individuals.
We raise funds in order to:
• Provide training
• Coaching
• Asset Management projects
See our introduction video for an exciting informative summary of our objectives.

ACE is a new NPO which originated after six months of extensive research into businesses in Africa. Africa Capacity Enhancement (ACE) comprises a diverse and talented team, researchers and subject-matter experts equipped with data and insights to deliver a sustainable culture of operational excellence to mines, manufacturing and production operations.

ACE will appoint world-class trainers and coaches with proven track records by utilising a collaborative process. This will empower young engineers, management teams and workforce to excel and learn the best asset management practices to make excellence a way of life in their personal lives and organizations. Our main goal is to ensure the best management training that will align Africa business with world-class practices.

Additional to Asset Management engagements, we plan to entertain requests for much-needed professional and tailor made training courses that could include training in safety, physical maintenance related training, asset health care, supply chain, auditing, production, food safety, farming practices and capital management.

Your contribution to our funding request will aid Africa Capacity Enhancement in achieving our goals and making it possible to avail funds to more training needs. You will be a proud partner in creating success stories. Our sponsors will enjoy sharing our website, and your name and company will form part of our publications.
Please contact one of our Fund-raiser Managers if you would like to be an anchor investor in the growth of ACE’s role in Africa, or by using the bank details on our website. Register your company on our website for continuous feedback on the exciting journey!